Web Drama “Love Cell” Starring Kim Woo Bin and Jang Hyuk Releases Poster

Upcoming web drama “Love Cell” has released a promotional poster.

Starring Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung, and 4Minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun among a star-studded cast, “Love Cell” is based on the popular webtoon of the same title that was serialized on Naver between 2010 and 2012.

A fantasy romantic comedy, “Love Cell” is about a “love cell” kitten Nebi (Kim Yoo Jung) who tries to help the romance…

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[Recap] Best 7 Moments from B1A4’s Road Trip to the U.S.

Last week B1A4 wrapped up their first U.S. solo tour, “Road Trip to U.S” with their final stop in San Francisco. The five boys began their 2014 B1A4 Road Trip with Taiwan in August, followed by stops in China, Philippines, Japan, Australia, and most recently, the United States.

Soompi had a chance to stop by and check out the boy bands’s first world tour. Join us in reliving the seven best…

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B.A.P Celebrates 1000 Days by Sharing Unreleased Individual Photos

Congratulations to B.A.P for 1000 days since their debut! The idol group celebrated this momentous anniversary by sharing some of their never before seen photos of their members.


The photos were shared through their official Facebook group with the hashtags #1000DaysWithBAP.



In recent news, B.A.P will join EXO, INFINITE, BEAST and other groups in Latin America for “Music Bank in Mexico.”

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2AM Releases Teaser for “Days Like Today”

Ballad group 2AM released the teaser for their upcoming single, “Days Like Today,” their the official JYP Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Days Like Today” is a sentimental ballad track written by singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Man, best known for his song “I Will Give All.” Cho Kyu Man is also the older brother of famed singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Chan, who wrote the title track for Bernard Park‘s debut…

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BTS Declares a “Hormone War” in New Music Video

Idol rap group BTS released the music video for their latest track, “Hormone War,” through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

“Hormone War” is the main track from the group’s first full-length studio album, entitled “Dark & Wild.” The song is about the raging hormones a hot-blooded young man feels when he sees a girl who is perfect front and back, and top to bottom. 

A spokesperson for…

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Go Joon Hee: “Yeo Jin Goo Has Been Manly Since Elementary School”

Actress Go Joon Hee has praised the charisma and acting skills of actor Yeo Jin Goo.

On October 20, the actress sat down with OSEN for an interview, during which she revealed, “Yeo Jin Goo has been a man from a young age.”

“I acted with Yeo Jin Goo when he was younger, and he has been a man since elementary school. I almost wanted to ask ‘Why are you so sexy,’ it was that serious,” the actress…

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Yoon Kye Sang: “Me and Honey Lee Are In No Hurry to Marry”

Actor and singer Yoon Kye Sang has opened up about the future prospects of his relationship with actress Honey Lee.

On October 21, the star sat down with news outlet Star News for an exclusive interview. As Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee have been in a stable relationship for nearly two years, the public has raised questions about a possible marriage taking place in the near future.

Regarding the…

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Roy Kim Reveals His Last Kiss Was Over a Year Ago

Singer Roy Kim recently confessed it has been a while since his last kiss.

He was a guest on the October 21 broadcast of KBS Radio CoolFM’s “Lee So Ra’s Music Square” to discuss his latest comeback as well as private life.

The MCs asked, “When were you last surprised with a kiss?” to which Roy Kim responded with, “I haven’t been kissed in over a year.” As the MCs had a hard time believing his…

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Star Empire Announces ZE:A Moon Junyoung’s Hiatus, Gives More Details About the Controversy

Star Empire, management agency of ZE:A, uploaded just recently an official statement today on various social network sites (SNS) belonging to member and leader Moon Junyoung, as well as to the group’s official sites. It announced the hiatus of the group leader and explains the recent controversy. Moon Junyoung also personally reached out to explain and apologize for the situation.

In the official…

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Rookie Group B.I.G Asks “Are You Ready?” in Comeback Single

Male group B.I.G (Boys in Groove) has returned with their energetic second single titled “Are You Ready?

On October 21, the single and music video were unveiled through various music sites. This marks the group’s second release after debuting with the powerful “Hello” in July.

The lyrics of “Are You Ready?” talk about a young man’s determination to reveal his feelings to his crush. While the…

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