The MBC Every1 show “Weekly Idol” proved its power over the K-pop idols and personally invited 100 of them to come to the show to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary.

On the July 23 episode of the show, “Weekly Idol” has an ambitious project for its 3rd year anniversary wherein they personally invited the “100 Idols Who Graced Weekly Idol.”

In the preview for the episode, the “Weekly Idol” MCs Jun…

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Teen Top’s Chunji Is a Sweet Sommelier in CéCi Magazine

Teen Top’s Chunji showed off his romantic side in a fashion spread for CéCi Magazine’

Husband and wife Son Ji Chang and Oh Yeon Soo are planning on residing in the US for two years for their children’s education.

Oh Yeon Soo will be leaving with her husband on July 23, and the couple will fly back and forth between Korea and the United States for any business that they have. 

A rep from Oh Yeon Soo’s agency said, “In order to help her children fit in while in the US, she’s…

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On July 23, SISTAR’s Bora posted on the group’s official Twitter account, “Here is SISTAR’s B-cut that we’re only showing to all of you!!! Our first broadcast stage is approaching. #SISTAR #TouchMyBody,” along with the never-before-seen pictorial for their new comeback title track.

In the photos, all four members of SISTAR can be seen wearing a variety of white tops with different colored shorts,…

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Jung Il Woo Transforms Into Joseon’s Handsome Prince in Upcoming Drama “The Night Watchman”

In MBC’s upcoming historical drama, “The Night Watchman,” Jung Il Woo transforms into Joseon’s elegant prince.

BESTie Knows How to Do Both Sexy and Cute for “Hot Baby” Image Teasers

Four member girl group BESTie continues to prepare fans for their comeback  upcoming with fresh teaser images for their  first mini album, “

SBS’ variety program “Running Man” will be broadcasting a “friend” special in a future episode.

On July 23, an SBS representative told Star News, “Park Soo Hong, Nam Hee Suk, Kim Jae Dong, Kim Heechul, and Lee So Yeon wrapped up recording for ‘Running Man’ on July 21. This filming was a special featuring friends [of the cast].”

For this upcoming episode of the show, the cast members individually…

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What’s up, Soompiers!

We’ve previously announced that KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting two fun events for foreign fans: Event 1 (win a free trip to Korea or other prizes), Event 2(simply share a video link to win an iPad mini or other prizes). Both events take minimal effort to participate, which you can see from our tutorial articles. Just click on the respective events for the easy 5…

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After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun, along with NU’EST’s Min Hyun, had a surprise cameo in KBS2′s Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers” (aka “Lovers of Music“).

In episode 10 of “Lovers of Music” that broadcast on July 22, After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun, and NU’EST’s Min Hyun appeared on “Music Tank” ( a parody of KBS’ “Music Bank”) as the MCs.

E-Young, Ka Eun, and Min Hyun perfectly played the…

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HaHa and Byul Reveal Their Happy Marriage Life

Singer Byul and her husband, HaHa, revealed how happy they are with their marriage life.