GOT7’s Jackson Is Afraid of Orange Caramel’s Nana?

On September 21, the new members of SBS’ “Roommate Season 2” were shown moving into the share house.

On this episode, the old and new members of “Roommate” got to be acquainted with each other.

While the other members went ahead and moved in to the house, other members such as co-JYP Entertainment artists Park Min Woo and GOT7’s Jackson as well as g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyungwere able to talk with…

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SISTAR’s Hyorin Is Forced to Reveal Her Forehead on “SNL Korea”

Girl group SISTAR (Hyorin, Bora, Soyu, Dasom) appeared on tvN’s “SNL Korea Season 5″ as the main host for the September 20 broadcast.

Most fans will know that Hyorin isn’t the most confident about her forehead, although these days she has confidently shade her bangs for a more revealing look.

On this episode of “SNL Korea” for a skit, Yoo Se Yoonblew air towards Hyorin, who was kidnapped and had…

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Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – September Week 3

In a hotly contested battle, Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” moves up six places to capture our top spot this week. This song swept all music show rankings last week. Although it doesn’t fare as well in other chart sources, “MAMACITA” was able to hold off the past two champions WINNER’s “Empty” and SISTAR’s “I Swear”for the win. It is the first No. 1 song for Super Junior on our chart in three years.…

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Jung Yong Hwa Tirelessly Films His Action Scenes for “The Three Musketeers”

Recently, the production team behind tvN’s ongoing drama, “The Three Musketeers,” released a making video of Park Dal Hyang (Jung Yong Hwa) and Yong Gol Dae’s (Kim Sung Min) chasing and fighting scenes.

921 jung yong hwa stills

The setting is in a bamboo forest, and Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Sung Min could be seen carrying out their action scenes without any stunt doubles. In the video, both actors have on layers of heavy…

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Super Junior Sets the Record with Their 100th World Tour Concert

On the afternoon of September 21, Super Junior held a press conference for “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6.” This concert would be their 100th world tour concert. They revealed their thoughts on this amazing achievement, “We’re so honored and emotional to hold the title of being the first Korean artist to reach 100 world tour concerts. We’ll always think of ourselves as the representative…

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ZE:A’s Leader Junyoung Leaves Warning Message for His CEO, Star Empire to Issue Official Statement after Review

Boy group ZE:A‘s leader Moon Junyoung (also known as Lee Hoo) has posted a series of shocking tweets regarding his experiences with his CEO Shin Joo Hak, cricitizing the CEO for unfair treatment. He even revealed that he has considered suicide, shocking many fans.

In his series of Tweets, he listed the struggles he went through because of Shin Joo Hak. He also added that he will be revealing the…

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Super Junior Wins on Inkigayo, Performances from TaeTiSeo, 2PM, F.CUZ, and More!

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was Super Junior vs SISTAR vs Winner for first place again. Super Junior’s “Mamacita,” Winner’s “Empty” and SISTAR‘s “I Swear,” competed against each other for no.1, with Super Junior’s “Mamacita” winning again! Congrats, Super Junior!

The complete list of performers include TaeTiSeo, 2PM, BTS, T-ara, Teen Top, WINNER, Spica.S, Nasty Nasty, Wax, Laboum, EXID, Park…

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Engage in a Battle of Lies for First Episode of “We Got Married”

On September 20, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s first meeting was finally revealed on “We Got Married.” Their first meeting was unlike any other, as they met in a pitch dark café, where they couldn’t actually see each other—they literally had a blind date. Song Jae Rim, who had arrived first, was already adapted to the darkness as Kim So Eun arrived. The first thing he did was to sniff in her…

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Haru Transforms into a Little Bride on New Episode of “Superman Returns”

On September 21, “Superman Returns” will air its 45th episode, “Meeting a New World.”

In the upcoming episode, Tablo and his daughter Haru will visit Minsok Village (a Korean folk village set up as a living museum of Joseon times). They will be reenacting a traditional wedding, and in the process Haru will be transforming into an adorable little bride.

In the released stills, Haru can be seen…

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SISTAR Soyu’s Great Figure Attracts Attention on “SNL Korea”

Soyu of girl group SISTAR showed off her body through decisive exposure.

SISTAR (Hyorin, Soyu, Bora, Dasom) appeared on the September 20 broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea” as the hosts and acted out various sketches.

On this day, Soyu appeared in the sketch “The Two Faces of My Girlfriend.” Soyu played the role of a yoga instructor and drew attention for showing off her body through yoga clothing.


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