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Actress Lee Ji Ah will be leaving for the States soon, in order to put the final touches on the screenplay for her Hollywood film “Conscious Perception” (working title), which will be her debut as a screenwriter.

“Conscious Perception” is a film about a future in which there is technology that can alter people’s feelings, creating an upheaval in society. The film will be produced by Maybach Film…

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Seo Tai Ji of legendary Korean pop group Seo Tai Ji and the Boys has finally revealed his thoughts regarding his former secret marriage with actress Lee Ji Ah.

The singer aired his side through a statement released by his agency, Seo Tai Ji Company,on August 13. “I first met her (Lee Ji Ah) in 1993 but we did not get into a relationship nor live together at that time. (During our married life) we…

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On the latest episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” actress Lee Ji Ah finally opened up about her former marriage to star Seo Taiji.

She shocked the viewers by revealing that she cut off all contact with her family for years while she was married to Seo Taiji. She said, “I contacted my parents after seven years. It took me seven years to see them. That was the situation back then. I chose to…

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Actress Lee Ji Ah revealed the truth behind the rumors about her looks.

On the August 11 episode of SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp,” Lee Ji Ah talked about the rumors regarding her being a transgender and her plastic surgery.

Lee Ji Ah first addressed the rumor about her being a transgender and said, “There were a lot of people who believed that. At the time when I started getting noticed through…

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Lee Ji Ah: Being Friends with Jung Woo Sung Again “Would be Difficult”

Actress Lee Ji Ah, famous for her secret marriage to music star Seo Taiji, has spoken out about her relationship with fellow actor Jung Woo Sung on SBS talk show, “Healing Camp,” which aired on the network in the evening of August 11.

Asked if she had been in touch with Jung Woo Sung after the pair had split up, she explained, “So many people have asked me about that, but he has not been in touch…

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Actress Lee Ji Ah revealed the feelings she had after the news broke out that she had secretly married and divorced Seo Tai Ji.

Lee Ji Ah stated during a recording of SBS’s “Healing Camp” that “It was the first time since I was born that I felt such extreme motions. My hands were trembling and it felt like my body was melting.”

In April 2011, news of a secret marriage between Lee Ji Ah and Seo…

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will be opening up about her past on SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp.”

According to a representative of SBS, the actress will participate in filming the show on July 30. 

Lee Ji Ah has been actively sought after by the producers of “Healing Camp,” but as her issues in her private life have recently made the headlines, her responses to previous casting calls have been on the…

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Actress Lee Ji Ah is set to pen a Hollywood screenplay, according to her talent agency, HB Entertainment. The agency also revealed that the star is set to write a further three movies once she has completed her first project. 

A spokesperson for the agency told Star News, “Lee Ji Ah will be taking charge of the writing of a screenplay for a movie with the working title, ‘Conscious Perception.’…

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will make her first appearance on a variety program since debut.

On April 16, her agency HB Entertainment revealed that she’ll be a guest on SBS’ variety talk show “Healing Camp.”

She rocked the entertainment world in 2011 when word got that she used to be married to pop legend Seo Tae Jiduring her teenage years. Lee Ji Ah’s entrance into the entertainment world was a major…

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Lee Ji Ah Will Become a Free Agent in March, Cautiously Looking for New Agency

Actress Lee Ji Ahwill become a free agent in March after she finishes the remaining days of her two…

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