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Let’s take a moment to appreciate U-Kiss performing Neverland on a water stage

This will always be just……

Eli from U-Kiss has something to say about haters and those who say horrible things about idols.

My reaction? Hats off to you Eli! I have your back!

You and other idols have worked yourselves into the ground to get where you are. People like to criticize those who have achieved and regardless of if you like the music or not, how can a rational person NOT respect hard work? I know people who have become K-pop fans originally because of their respect for the hard work of idols, before they even like the music! I was one of these people.

Idols, including Eli, have worked into the early hours many time, idols have passed out from exhaustion because they are working so hard. So, to the haters, how about you try to work that hard, and give something your heart and soul before you judge.

We love you Eli, we love U-Kiss, we love idols, we love K-pop, and we applaud you for saying this. We need to foster a culture of acceptance and love in the K-pop community. So, let’s all try and do this!

U-KISS Releases MV for “Stop Girl” Color Ver.

U-Kiss release MV teaser for “Stop Girl”

On July 29, U-KISS announced during their Japanese concert at Tokyo NHK Hall, “AJ will be leaving U-KISS temporarily to attend Columbia University in the U.S.” The surprise announcement officially confirmed AJ’s enrollment at Columbia University for the first time after the news about his acceptance to the schoo

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Boy band U-KISS will hold its fan meeting in PnomPenh, Cambodia on June 18. According to NH Media, the members of U-KISS will depart for Cambodia as soon as they wrap up their performance on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on June 17. U-KISS, along with a volunteer organization, will visit a school near Pnom Penh to spend time with the local children and hand out baseball equipment.

It’s been said that Cambodia’s state guests will also attend the fan meeting. U-KISS will be the first ever hallyu artists to hold a fan meeting in Cambodia. As such, many local fans and media expressed great interest and anticipation at the upcoming event.

Meanwhile, U-KISS became the first Korean band to hold fan meeting in Colombia last May. The group is also receiving many love calls from Peru, Brazil, and other countries around the world. On June 5, U-KISS released its special album “The Special to KissMe” and is currently promoting “Believe.”